Friday, October 2, 2009

I shall be shod

Word of the day:  sea-son (noun) A period of the year marked by certain conditions, activities, etc.

Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I love the cooler weather, the refreshing breezes, the brilliant colours as the leaves change, the chance to bundle up in cozy sweaters during the day and snuggle up under piles of blankets at night.  And Halloween is included in autumn, of course, and right about now it starts to smell like Halloween outside.

I only have one fall fail: I have to wear shoes.  All the damn time.

Don't get me wrong, I love shoes.  I own far more pairs than I really need to (seeing how I only wear about 50% of them) and I often slow down whenever I pass a shoe store.  But I am really, truly, honestly most happy when I am barefoot.

Being barefoot is just so wonderful.  The cool, damp feeling of backyard grass, the warm scratchy feeling of beach sand, the coarseness of rocks, the sharpness of gravel, the smoothness of hardwood floors -- I absolutely adore the way they feel on my bare footsies.  I like the way my painted toenails look.  I like the ridiculous sandal tan I get every summer.  I like the unencumbered joy my feet feel when they are loosed from their socks and shoes and given free reign over any and all terrain.  (Except sidewalks.  Shoes on sidewalks are required.  Because EW.)

Not only have I been wearing full shoes all week but I'm also back in socks.  Socks I can tolerate better than shoes, mostly because I wear thin socks with silly prints on them, which make me happy and still allow my feet to feel whatever is being walked on.  But socks don't work so well in backyards so shoes must go on.  And because I'm back in full shoes I'm also in full blister glory.  Ugh.

Even though it's October I'm still hoping for a few more sandal days before I'm forced into the shackles that are my shoes.

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