Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feel the burn

Word of the day: phys-i-cal  (adjective) Of or pertaining to the body.

I finally dragged my lazy self back to the gym last night after too many weeks of not going due to pest control issues, ear infections and telling myself I will work out in the gym at my boyfriend's condo then ending up on the couch watching Jeopardy and Buffy.  But I made it back tonight and it felt good.  No, not good...goooood.  Good the way Barry White would say it good.  I weight-trained the shit out of my muscles.  So GOOOOOOOOD.

I would be going back to the gym tonight but I have been invited out for sushi and really, who can say no to sushi?  But I do need to start going again regularly and not just because my ass is getting too big.  I sleep better when I work out regularly and it just makes me feel healthier.  Of course the weight loss is also a lovely side affect (effect?  I get those two mixed up) but I decided long ago that I can't work out just to lose weight because it just won't work out for me.  I will lose weight, which is fine, but I also want to lose inches and get better muscle definition and not have back pain. 

Although maybe, just maybe, if I work out enough I'll be lucky enough to look like this:

Um, yeah.

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