Saturday, October 17, 2009

A change 17 years in the making

Word of the day: change (verb) To become different.

There are two men in my life that I will never cheat on: my boyfriend (of course) and my hair stylist.

I seriously love my stylist, Sergio.  It's so nice to walk into the salon and say I don't know what I want except that I want to look cute and to know that I will walk out looking cute (and maybe even borderline hot).  And he also give the most amazing shampoo-cum-head massage a person could ever want.  He knows it's my favourite part of the whole haircut experience and I like to think he gives me an extra-long shampoo.  But seriously, I get goosebumps.

Sergio gave me yet another fantastic haircut last night and we made a serious change to my style: I now part it on the right.  I have had a left-hand part in my hair since I was 11 or 12.  It was all because of Carolyn Waldo and a Sears catalogue from the early '90s.  Carolyn Waldo had released a clothing line with Sears which I loved and in several of the pictures of her, she had shoulder-length blonde hair, parted on the left and with bangs.  I promptly got my hair cut like that because it was so awesome.  I also drooled over the most amazing clothes she was hocking, which consisted mainly of tights and tunics (some were even off-the shoulder - scandalous for a 12-year-old!) and brightly coloured sashes to wear as belts or hair bands.  (This is perhaps why I have eschewed the return of the belted tunic and tights look; I am scarred by my love of it 17 years ago.)

Now, I have scoured the good ol' interwebs for pictures of Carolyn's most awesome clothing collection and could not find anything to showcase the superb duds or her fabulous hair.  But I did find this from the kids collection she did:

I remember this too and I remember seriously wanting that zip-front bathing suit.  I did have a two-piece suit similar to the one shown, but mine was solid lime green up top with a black zipper and black bottoms with a lime green band.  It was pretty amazing.

But Carolyn's influence over my own hair has ended.  I'm pretty happy with the new right-hand part I've got going on. 

(Okay, I'm still trying to find pictures of Carolyn and the clothes I loved but my Google Image search is coming back with a variety of unrelated images, including Michael Ignatieff.  Seriously?!  Alas, no pictures.)

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