Friday, October 9, 2009

I do

Word of the day:  mat-ri-mo-ny (noun) The state of being married; marriage.

Tomorrow I will attend my third wedding of the 2009 season.  Prior to this year, I had not been to a wedding since my cousin's nuptials in - oh man - I think it was 2002.  That seven-year gap represents a time when all my family that was going to marry young had married young and all my friends hadn't decided it was time yet. 

There have also been a steady stream of former classmates and colleagues and acquaintances getting married, as seen in my Facebook news feed as more and more pictures were posted.  It's really made me start to think more about my own wedding and I've found it interesting that I don't really care to daydream about it too much.

It seems my priorities lie in the marriage, not the wedding, which I'm fine with.  I do want to get married one day.  Sure, a wedding is expensive but it's also a wonderful and fun celebration to share with friends and family.  (That sounded a little corny but I don't care.)  And I've already thought about some little things, like the kind of centrepieces I'd like and the colour of my bridesmaids' dresses.  I know I don't want anything lavish or big or over-the-top.  But I also know that the guest list won't be all that small because, with family alone, I'm looking at 50 guests at least.  Then add in my friends and the friends and family of my betrothed and the numbers would grow hugely I'm sure. 

One of the really great things about so many recent weddings is seeing what people have done.  One couple planted a tree after the ceremony; another paddled away in a canoe.  At my cousin's wedding on Labour Day, there were no favours on the table; instead the couple made a donation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  I know a few weddings that have/will feature(d) handmade goodness.  The wedding I attended in June was logistically awesome: everything happened in one of two spaces and they were both connected to the hotel we were staying at.  The fact that the rest of the wedding was awesome too was also pretty great. 

I think the best part of all the weddings I've attended or seen photos of has been the intimacy of them all.  Sure, if I wasn't there I can't really speak to that but the impression I get is that the weddings were on the small side, were simple yet elegant and were focused on the marriage rather than the wedding.  It's really nice to see people moving away from expensive and lavish and garish and look-at-me-outdo-my-best-friend nonsense. 

I hope that every couple that has said "I do" has a long, happy marriage full of love.

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