Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WW Weigh-In #64

Down a bit this week. I'll take it!

Last week: 196.0 lb
This week: 195.3 lb
Total lost this week: 0.7 lb

I'm still struggling but I'm also still running and doing weights, which I hope will help. But I've really got to focus on my eating. It's starting to get away from me again, which is likely obvious from my lack of weight loss.

And I won't be around next Wednesday; the Beau and I are off to Prince Edward County for a few nights. I'll hop on the scale when I get back on Friday, while doing my best to make sure that number isn't too scary!

Friday, March 22, 2013

WW Weigh-In #63

I blame my cycle for this week's weigh in result.

Last week: 195.0 lb
This week: 196.0 lb
Total gained this week: 1 lb

But I haven been out running more and it's still kind of ugly but I'm doing it and that's what matters. I've also started doing more weights, which works out well on TV nights. No more lolling on the couch all night!

So with any luck I'll soon start seeing some results on the scale.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wedding shoes

Bought 'em today. But they're from the internet (ModCloth to be specific) so I don't physically have them yet. When they arrive, I'll post some pictures.

So very excited!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Etsy + my wedding = win

The wedding planning is coming along nicely. After the big push at the end of last year to confirm the date and secure the venue, all the other bits have been finalized rather piecemeal. But it's happening and Etsy has been a huge source of that success.

It all started when I was lamenting finding a design or designer for our wedding invitations as I wanted to have them printed locally, through a print shop where a friend works. My sister-in-law mentioned that Etsy had a huge amount of designs to purchase as well as options to work with a designer for something custom.

Several hours of (fun, awesome) browsing later and I'd found designs for the invitations and the save-the-date cards! The save-the-date design has been purchased already, through a shop called DontPanicDesign. I communicated with Amy and she was wonderful and lovely and incredibly quick at replying to my queries and getting the final files to me.

After that, I was sucked into the wonderful world of Etsy and quickly found gifts for my bridesmaids (which I can't tell you about because a couple of my 'maids read this!); my veil (which I bought from Forever Veils and should arrive soon!); and our guest book. The guest book is handmade and comes from Zenfish Leather and again the seller was able to do some custom requests for us. Shipping time will keep us from getting the guest book for a few weeks yet but when it arrives I'll share it - we're really excited about it!

I've also got an invitation design earmarked but we're still finalizing the timing and wording for the invitation. But it's all coming together and we're slowly able to cross things off our list.

We've also confirmed a few vendors, including who will make our cupcakes and our photographer/DJ. It's all coming together!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

WW Weigh-In #62

Holding steady:

Last week: 195.0 lb
This week: 195.0 lb

I haven't been out running since last weekend; the weather turned cold and that wreaks havoc on my lungs. So I've been a little I'd better change that this week!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

WW Weigh-In #61

Oh hey, it's Sunday and I haven't updated my weight progress. I'm still getting on the scale on Wednesday (as always) but it's been a crazy-busy week and I just haven't had time to blog until now.

Last week: 195.0 lb
This week: 195.0 lb
Total lost: 0.0 lb

And I'm holding steady. And that's okay. The weather is slowly getting warmer and I'm ready to recommit to my Couch to 5K program and I'm making weights a priority in my workouts so I'm feeling good about what I can achieve.

I can do it!