Thursday, December 11, 2008

My world on paper

Working at Rogers Publishing, I'm privy to quite a few good-quality consumer magazines: Chatelaine (my book!), Flare, Lou Lou, Glow, Hello Canada, even Today's Parent, should I want to brush up on my child-rearing skills early. But it is Maclean's that really makes my heart go pitter-patter. I already subscribed before starting at Rogers ($3/month on your Rogers bill if you're a Rogers customer! Subscribe now, dammit!) and now I get to see it before it even hits newsstands! And a few weeks ago, I was with the Production Manager looking at "the wall" (where all the pages are posted so the edit team can see how it all looks) and Andrew Coyne walked thisclose (THISCLOSE!) to me!

And - AND - come February, my department will be moving to the same floor as my second-most favourite magazine. Joy! Bliss! Let the Steve Maich stalking begin! (Despite his right-ish leanings.)

Now if only Rogers could acquire The Hockey News my world would be complete.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holidays and humbugs

I really love the Christmas season but going to visit my family in Parry Sound is always a little bittersweet. As much as I love to see my mom and dad and brother, it's the extended family that I can really do without. The problem is that I don't relate to them any more (except in the genetic sense, of course).

I've got a university degree and a post-graduate college diploma. I have worked/do work for some of the biggest publishing companies in North America, on some of the biggest accounts in North America and Canada. I live independently in Toronto and pay my own way. I'm a self-taught knitter, a rather passionate hockey fan and make a mean chocolate chip cookie. I think I've done and am doing pretty good for myself.

My family...well, they're still in Parry Sound. They have significant others, children, houses/live at home, have dropped out of post-secondary or didn't go at all. I'm not faulting any of them for the decisions they have made, but our life paths are SO DIFFERENT. And the kicker? I'm single and that seems to be the only thing that they understand. So, despite what I've accomplished, I'm told that my Prince Charming will come and my family hopes I find a good man who will take care of me.

Right. Thanks for that. It's a bit of a silver lining that, this year, I'm only going to be up there for four days.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Damn politics

Okay, I totally get that the current political situation in Canada is a pretty big one and that the outcome is going to be pretty big. The boys are not just going to pack up their hockey sticks and head home from the rink.

What I don't understand is why no one seems capable of having a rational, calm, normal, point-counterpoint conversation with me about this. I'm a Liberal. I voted Liberal in the election. I was a little happy Dion lost by so much because he's not my first choice as party leader and this loss meant a new leader. While I'd rather not see Harper in power, I'm still not sure how I feel about this coalition. But this is all beside the point; anyone I know who is/was/might be Conservative seems to think that I'm either a socialist or because I was so stupid to vote for/support Dion that I can be easily swayed to the Conservative side now. And the second I bring up anything even remotely political I get yelled at or insulted for having a differing opinion.

Honestly. I'm all for different opinions. I welcome them! Let's discuss! I'll listen to you...but why the hell is it so hard for you to listen to me?