Monday, June 13, 2011


I've come to the realization that I don't eat enough vegetables.  This is strange, though, because I LOVE veggies.  Seriously, they are the best thing ever.  I could give up meat before I could give up veggies.  Heck, I would even give up chocolate before giving up veggies.

So I find it strange that I don't seem to eat enough.  Generally I get some for dinner - and some nights I get plenty (like when we make roasted cauliflower and I eat half a head of cauliflower in one sitting).  I've been finding at work that I don't get to the cafeteria before it closes, so I'm missing out on the salad bar most days.  My standard go-to for lunch are chicken wraps from Tim Horton's because they're yummy, they fill me up and they're pretty low in calories (420 for two).  But they only have lettuce and tomato on them and, while that may barely count as a serving, it's far from enough.

I keep snacks at my desk, but I prefer the pre-fab snacks, like almonds and All-Bran bars, because they're easier to keep.  We have plenty of fridge space at work, so it's not like I can't bring my own veggies...I just don't.

And that's what has to change.  I wish I could say that from this moment forth, I'm going to eat 5-6 servings of veggies everyday, no questions asked...but that is not going to happen.  I am going to make more of an effort though.  I'm going to try to get to the salad bar sooner, even if it's just for a side salad and then get one chicken wrap.  I'm going to try eating baby carrots again (I used to eat them all the time, then noticed I was, erm, awfully bloated and gassy...while at work...and it became uncomfortable for a few reasons).  I'm also going to make sure I get at least two servings worth at dinner.  I love steamed veggies and we always have bags of frozen vegetables at home, so I really don't have much of an excuse.

So here's to eating more veggies!

(Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about me and fruit.)

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