Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another awesome Wednesday dinner

Today has been a great day.  I weighed myself and had a great workout (but I'll post on that later) and I made a wonderful dinner (if I may say so myself).

So what did I make?  I made fish tacos topped with mango salsa, served with garden salad on the side and cupcakes for dessert.  Although I confess - I bought the cupcakes.  We're trying to be healthy and having a couple dozen cupcakes around the house would be all kinds of bad news.

I also discovered how much I love my little juicer; it's not electric or big or anything, it's just one of those little ones that you squish the fruit on.  But I used it to get fresh lime juice for the fish marinade and for fresh lime juice and orange juice for the mango salsa and it was awesome.  I've been on this kick lately to make from scratch as much as I can and the whole juice thing works for me.

And now I am really REALLY full and we have leftovers for dinner tomorrow night, so all in all, a big dinner WIN.

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