Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Up-Down Challenge Weigh-in #17

Good news on the scale today: 191.6 lb.  That's a loss of only 0.6 lb, but it's a loss. Woot! 

I'm still 1.4 lb away from a new book and 1.7 pounds away from breaking the 190 lb barrier, but I'm getting there!

In other news, I finally joined the gym at work.  My goal is to work out each day I'm at work, so that's four days.  Mondays and Fridays I want to do running intervals and Tuesdays and Thursdays I want to do weights.  Then on Wednesdays, when I'm home, I want to do an endurance run. 

I did an endurance run today, in fact.  I did 5 km in total, alternating between walking and running.  That amounts to 3k walking and 2k running and I got through it with minimal pain.  With any luck I can start adding more to my running segments, and eventually get up to 3k running...then 4k...then that elusive 5k I want so badly to hit. 

But I feel really good today.  And after an awesome dinner, I feel all-around...AMAZING, if truth be told.  Today has just been really good.

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