Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WW Weigh-In #16

It's weigh-in day! Let's get right to it:

Last week: 185.0 lb
This week: 185.6 lb
Total gained this week: 0.6 lb

Weight loss target: 181.8 lb
To reach target: 3.8 lb

This is the third week in a row I've logged a gain. Three weeks ago, I was at 183.8; now I'm at 185.6. That's only 1.8 pounds, which is incredibly negligible and is partly why I'm not discouraged. But on the flip side, it's small increases like that that landed me in at the weight where I needed WW.

If I wasn't weighing in weekly, I wouldn't notice the weight slowly creeping back on. And I know it's not that much and I know it's easily lost again and I know I'm still making amazing progress. Also, I'm not trying to advocate that gaining a measly half pound is cause for concern or that you should weigh yourself daily to keep yourself in check.

Rather, for me, this is what I need. I need the regular weigh-ins and the points program and a way to see how what I eat and what I do affects what I weigh.

For some people, checking how their clothes fit works. For me, that's good but not great. Yesterday the jeans I was wearing were a bit loose, which is awesome, but at the same time I was putting on weight - and I gain all over so I never notice significant weight gain until I've packed on 10+ pounds and then it's a bigger challenge to get it off.

And despite my gains over the last three weeks, I'm still weighing in at less than I was four weeks ago (when I was 189 lb) so it's all still good!

As a quick note, there will be no weigh-in next week as I'll be on vacation in beautiful Algonquin Park. The Beau and I have rented a cabin and we'll spend the days hiking and enjoying all that spring in Algonquin has to offer, while evenings will be spent grilling delicious food, reading, soaking in the jacuzzi tub and, well, probably little else. 'Twill be heavenly and I have no intention of packing my scale! So in two weeks' time we'll see what a week of hiking does for me!

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