Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Did you have a good Easter weekend? We did!

The Beau and I spent it with my family, in my lovely little hometown. Family time with my family is always...interesting. Being from a small town sometimes means people have small minds and the off-colour comments that are made are disturbing but, alas, there is no changing some of my family members, so I've become adept at tuning them out. The Beau, on the other hand, is still shocked at some of the words that are used. It's a good thing we only spend about three days a year with these folk; they are good-hearted, well-meaning, inviting, sharing, friendly people, just far from politically correct.

We also did some projects for my Momma, which also came with a bit of drama. Let's face it, though, anything done with my Momma comes with a bit of drama. But we got through it and had a wonderful turkey dinner and all ended well. Though I'm going to work on my own attitude to help make weekends with Momma a bit smoother.

I also decided I would backtrack and enter my points for the weekend. I'm now without any extra weekly points as well as down to only 1 extra activity point - it was definitely a good food weekend! I'm a little worried because I have work dinner tonight and tomorrow night but I'm going to do my absolute best to eat well. Some work dinners are easier than others; when it's Thai or Chinese, I just load up on veggies. When it's Indian or pizza, the choices are much harder. I really don't want to have two gaining weeks in a row, which is definitely helpful when I feel my self-control is waning.

Regardless of family drama or overeating, it was wonderful to see so many family members and to spend time with those I care about. Next weekend we're off to see the Beau's family!

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