Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Losing ground

Guys, I'm not going to lie: I've been slipping.

I'm still tracking my points but I've also been a little cavalier with them, even ignoring them completely for big meals. It's strange but I was doing much better during the winter months; now that it's spring I can't seem to stay on track even though this is the time of year when people really get on track.

I think it's starting to dawn on me the magnitude of the life change I've undertaken. It's easy enough to say that it's better to make slow progress if it means making lifestyle changes but it sure is hard to actually do!

This is also where my impatience kicks in. I've been on WW for not quite 4 months and I've managed to lose and keep off 17 pounds. There is nothing wrong with that! Despite knowing this, though, I want to make more progress - I want to be thinner NOW, dammit! And I find myself falling into that downward spiral; you know, the one that goes, "Since I can't be thin now, why bother trying? That donut looks delicious. But now that I ate that donut, I won't be thin. And since I can't be thin, well, that bacon cheeseburger looks delicious..."

Oh self-defeat, how I thought you were gone!

So I'm a little worried about tomorrow. I really don't want a third week of gaining but I know I only have myself to blame if I do (I had cake twice this past weekend! TWICE! And it was delicious.)

I've been thinking a lot about habits recently and I'm going to do a post on them and the habits I really want to get into. I need to make eating well and exercising so ingrained in my life that I don't even notice when I'm doing it, but I still get to reap the awesome benefits.

I've got ideas of what I can do to help myself, too. I just need to put them into action. I'll share those with you too, later, hopefully after I've acted on them, so you can see what brilliant things I've added to my life!

I can tell you this, though: no matter what, I will not let myself become complacent or defeated or upset over any changes that don't go my way. I'm 32 years old and the eating and exercise habits I have now I've been working on for 32 years. Four months ain't gonna change that!

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