Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WW Weigh-In #15

Oh hi! I can't believe I almost missed posting today! It's actually been a busy day for me: I was working from home this morning, had to take the car in for service this afternoon and then NHL playoffs tonight! It's the first round so there's so many games on - including three tonight. I'm in my own special heaven.

But about the numbers:

Last week: 184.6 lb
This week: 185.0 lb
Total gained this week: 0.4 lb

Weight loss target: 181.8 lb
To reach target: 3.2 lb

A bit of a gain and 1.2 lb gained over the past two weeks. Sigh. I keep reminding myself that, since starting WW, I've lost 17 lb, which is awesome. I just really want to lose that next 15 lb!

I know why I've been slipping: I haven't been as diligent with tracking my points. I've been guessing more than I should and I haven't been measuring my portions as often. I know what I need to do - but sometimes it's the doing that's hard.

But if I want to lose that next 15 lb, I have to do it! 

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