Thursday, April 19, 2012

About that 5K...

Remember how I was all gung-ho to train to run a 5K? And how I kept talking about it - until I stopped talking about it?

Well, something has come up that has piqued my interest in a 5K yet again:

That's right, a 5K zombie-infested obstacle course race. I mean, who wouldn't want to do this? I've been staring at the online registration page all day, debating if I should register, debating if I could actually finish this.

I feel like this would almost be easier than a regular 5K because it's not straight running, and (hopefully) the adrenaline rush of avoiding zombies would help me finish. And if I can't complete an obstacle or if I lose all my flags (I would start with three and need to finish with at least one to still be "alive") I become a zombie; while that would disqualify me from prizes, I'd still be able to finish the course at my pace.

Though, if I'm honest, I know what's holding me back: I don't want to become a zombie. I want to finish with at least one flag. I'd feel like I failed if I became a zombie, even if I finished the course. Crazy, I know.

But the race isn't until September so I have over four months (almost five, actually) to train, get my asthma under control, build my endurance and get my calf muscles less tense so it's completely doable.

So I'm going to do it. I've registered and everything. And it's non-refundable so I have no choice.


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