Monday, April 16, 2012

My secret weapon

When I first joined WW, I started strong right away and had some great early success. In recent weeks I've seen the scale creep up a bit more than I would like but I'm still doing well and I'm slowly getting myself back on track (now that the turkey-gravy-roast beef-chocolate trap of Easter has passed). Part of that getting back on track is utilizing my secret weapon.


And it's nothing to do with Don Cherry or (alas) wine. Before WW, I wasn't much into fruit. It just ever really appealed to me. Now, though, I've discovered I actually enjoy eating raspberries, blueberries, melon (okay, I always liked melon) and grapes.

I'm not picky on colour - red, green or purple will do just fine; all I ask is that they be seedless. And what the Beau and I have discovered is that if we leave the grapes on the vine in the fridge, we won't eat them. Instead, as soon as I get them home, I pull them off the vine, wash them up and load them into the biggest container we have. Then when we're jonesing for something to munch on while watching TV, instead of bad food, we pull out the grapes. We have eaten a bunch of grapes in a sitting before.

This is particularly helpful because all fruit on WW logs in a zero points. I bring grapes with me to work too, to snack on in the afternoon - or at least I did. I've stopped doing that as much now and it's something I need to pick up again.

When I eat grapes regularly, I feel good, I look good and the scale moves in the right direction. It's win-win-win!

Best secret weapon ever.

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