Friday, April 27, 2012

And - we're back!

We made it home safe and sound today from our five-day sojourn to Muskoka and Algonquin Park. And what a wonderful five days! Since it's the end of April, we weren't crazy enough to camp in a tent; rather, we rented a cabin at Blue Spruce Resort, which was beyond perfect. Our cabin had one bedroom with a king-size bed (which I still managed to almost kick the Beau out of), a 4-piece bathroom with a jacuzzi tub (JACUZZI TUB!) and a full kitchen. It was all kinds of awesome and adorable.

Oh, and we had a fireplace! We had a fire every night and all day Thursday (it was a cold, rainy day).

We were hoping for good weather, but instead got snow and woke up Tuesday morning to about 3 inches. But that didn't stop us from a short hike on the trails around Blue Spruce. Even with the snow and overcast sky, it was a beautiful and refreshing hike. But we got a little wet, so when we got back to the cabin, it was fire time! Later, books.

We also managed to get into Algonquin - and that day, we had blue sky and sunshine! We had ambitiously planned for a 30 km hike, but a late start plus wet and muddy terrain limited us to 8 km. But that was still 4 hours worth of hiking, so it was a good day! That night, we had steak, red wine and playoff hockey!

Our last day, Thursday, was rainy and cold so we stayed in with books and a fire, then hit up the games room for a couple rounds of pool.

And now we're home! What a great week away. And it's even nicer to have a weekend before heading back to work. I'll be honest, I didn't count points at all this past week, but I don't even care. It was worth it to relax and have a fun week away with the Beau. Plus the hiking counted for something. I would go back in a heartbeat!

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