Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My week of gluttony

I turned 32 yesterday - yay me! Of course, that means both Valentine's Day and my birthday fell in the same WW week. (While my WW week goes Wednesday - Tuesday and Valentine's Day was last Tuesday, because of my long work hours, the Beau and I celebrated V-Day on Wednesday.)

At first I wasn't going to log points, mostly because I was scared, but also because I wanted to enjoy myself without feeling too guilty. But the Beau said I should log everything I ate just to know how it would total up and to see how bad it really was. So I did. And did I ever eat my way through my points!

Valentine's Day dinner was actually pretty good; I managed to stay within my points total for the day. Since my last weigh-in, I've been at 30 daily points but I still have my 49 extra weekly points. By Friday, I started dipping into those weekly points. By Monday night, I had not only consumed all my extra weekly points but 15 of 20 accumulated activity points.

At least I can say this: they were delicious, delicious points.

So what did I consume over the week? Well...

Roasted pork tenderloin; cookies 'n cream ice cream; pizza; beer; poached eggs on crab cakes with jerk mayo; onion rings; chai latte; chicken burrito; beef nachos; peanut butter on toast; grilled calamari and tiger shrimp; red wine; penne in a rose sauce with smoked chicken and artichokes; dark chocolate truffle cake; pad thai; basil fried rice; red curry; yellow curry; and mixed Thai vegetables.

Needless to say, a delicious week.

The real measure, though, will come tomorrow when I hop on the scale. My goal is to at least be the same as last week - 190.0 lb. I'll be okay if I don't lose; I just really don't want to gain.

But even if I do gain, I wouldn't change anything. It's been an awesome week and I'm getting myself back on track now. Though I would love another slice of that truffle cake...

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