Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun time money news

Remember those student loans I've been paying off? Well, they're not quite gone yet but I'm getting there! As of today, all that's left owing is $1,357.26. That's it. I'm pretty excited. I'm even more excited that my next paycheque will have a little overtime on it, which will go nicely on this balance.

But do you know what's most exciting? Next month is a 3-pay month and it marks the first 3-pay month since I finished school where I won't have to put one of those paycheques on my debt. It is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel! Sure, I'll have to use a little of that cash to finish paying this off, but not much.

This - THIS - is what I've been waiting for for almost seven years now. I almost can't believe I made it! And I'm also going to have a brief respite between paying off one debt and adding another (a mortgage). Yes, a mortgage is good debt as it means a house, but it's still debt and repayment. But I will have a fleeting moment where I don't owe anyone anything AT ALL!

I say, indeed.

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