Friday, February 17, 2012

The motivation to keep going

Wanting to lose weight is easy. It's probably the easiest part of the whole weight loss journey. If I had a dime for every time I said, "I want to lose [insert number here] pounds" I'd have no trouble buying a new wardrobe for my thinner self.

Of course it's a big step between wanting and doing and I'm so proud and happy that I finally took that big step. It also helps that I've seen such great results. But, I'll admit, it's already starting to get harder. Like anything new, it was easy and fun the first couple of weeks. I was making all the right choices, exercising lots and taking great satisfaction in watching my points totals come in at the right amount each day. And let's not forget the scale and that awesome progress I made in the first few weeks.

And then, like anything new, the shine wears off and chocolate is much more tempting and working out seems like more of a pain than a pleasure and old habits start to creep back in. It would be so easy to just have a cheeseburger for lunch - just today, as a treat - and a cookie tomorrow - again, just one - and suddenly undo so much of my progress. I want to succeed in losing weight and I want to succeed on Weight Watchers (and not just because I'm paying for it) but sometimes that isn't enough to motivate me to keep going.

So what does motivate me?

1. My thighs
I've always had muscular legs and I know they'll never look like Gwyneth Paltrow's and I'm okay with that. But I would like them to stop rubbing together when I walk. There was a time in my life when they did not and I can feel them getting smaller. How? Less friction. And I want no friction.

2. The Beau
I would never lose weight for a man. But the Beau has been so incredibly supportive and encouraging and it's been great motivation. He's also happily changed his eating habits (which were pretty good to begin with) so there isn't bad food in the house to tempt me. And when he cooks he always strives to use WW-friendly (read: low-point) ingredients and he is careful with portion sizes when dishing up my meals. His support means so much to me!

3. How I look
This might be obvious, but I sometimes forgot to actually look at myself. Before, I hated the sight of myself and avoided mirrors as much as possible. Now, I notice that my stomach is less pudgy and, when I smile, my double chin is less chinny. And other people are noticing and commenting too.

4.  Spring clothing
After a few seasons of pastels and neutrals and other kind of dull clothing, I'm in love with the bright colours for spring (though neon might be taking it too far). I'm going to have the money to buy pretty clothes so why not have the body to fit into them? Just the thought of not having to buy the largest size in the store is a HUGE motivator.

5. My dad
Years ago, my dad told me it was okay to be big. He didn't mean anything malicious by it; he was just stating a fact, which is just like my dad. But it's stayed with me and, while I know he doesn't love me any less because I'm a bit curvier, I want to be thinner. It may be okay to be big, but I don't want to be anymore.

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