Friday, February 10, 2012

Confessions of a Weight Watcher: I have so much to learn

Despite losing 10 pounds on the program already, every day I realize I still have so much to learn. When I started I was all fruits and veggies and making only healthy choices and as I've gone on I've learned what treats I can add to my diet* to stay on track - and I still have so much to learn about what's good and what's not and how to know the difference, especially on the fly.

For example, I got lunch from Tim Horton's today: soup and a roll that came in at 6 points total but I got a combo, which meant a sweet treat. I decided to be good and get a Timbit - and it came in at 3 points on its own! Here I was, thinking I was making the best decision I could and it cost me.

You might say I made the best choice based on what was available but the best choice would have been to forgo the combo and the sweet treat and save the 3 points for a WW hamburger bun with my veggie burger at dinner.

So much to learn!

*I use the word "diet" to refer to what I eat, not some inane plan that will allow me to lose 452 lb in 13 days with no adverse affects to my health.

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