Sunday, July 3, 2011


We just got home from a wonderful weekend at the cottage and I feel amazing.  On Friday, I slept in then had an afternoon nap then still fell asleep at a decent hour - when I asked the Beau why I was so tired, he replied, "It's because you're relaxed."

He was so right.

It was a great and relaxing weekend, in which I just didn't care about anything that wasn't important, like perfecting my bocce ball game; wearing my floppy sunhat all the time; barbequing everything; trying to spot all the fireflies; and floating on water noodles.

Oh, and I walked around in my bathing suit and didn't care what I looked like - except when I caught my reflection in the window and said, "Hm, I look pretty good."

It was a really wonderful and relaxing way to start summer and end my week off and it was something I definitely needed, after all my pouting last week.  We brought running gear with us, but decided sleeping until 10:30 was more important than a morning run.  The only downside to the whole weekend is we didn't get a storm Saturday night; I love me a good thunderstorm at the cottage.

Both the Beau and I are looking at some crazy hours over the next few weeks at work and we've got some full weekends too, so it was lovely to have a few days together (with our kitty, of course) to do whatever we pleased, which amounted to bocce ball, beer and books. 

And since it was the long weekend, we used the GPS to get us home not via the highways; by mostly avoiding the 400 and driving through farmland and smaller towns, we were able to extend the relaxed cottage feeling that much longer.  And we figure it only added about 20 minutes to our drive, which is great too. 

Now I feel relaxed and ready to face work again, to keep working on getting in shape and to be kinder to myself.  AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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