Monday, July 4, 2011

Mid-term report card

Since declaring 2011 the year I get healthy, I've felt like I've encountered more obstacles than victories but this is mainly tied to my inability to lose as much weight as I'd like.  So I decided to give myself a mid-term report, seeing how I'm now halfway through the year. 

1.  Financial health - A+
Okay, I've got to give myself credit here.  (Heh, credit.)  Since the start of the year, I've paid off the last niggling balance on my credit card, paid off my line of credit ($5,000 yo!) and eliminated one of my four student loans.  I'm also paying nice, hefty monthly sums on my remaining loans and I'm still on track to have everything paid off by next spring.  This is definitely a bright spot in my health challenge, which I both love and need.

2.  Happy health - B+
I still have my mood swings and I always will, but I'm having fewer of them and they don't last as long.  I'm happy to find that I'm on the right dosage of anti-depressant and I'm happy in my job (even though it still drives me bonkers sometimes).  Also, I'm in a loving, wonderful, stable relationship with the best man EVER and we've got the cuddliest kitty at home.  Oh, and we're planning to buy a home.  I'm in probably the best emotional place I've ever been in my life and things just keep getting better.

3.  Physical health - C+
It was so tempting to give myself a big fat F here, but then I realized: I've got lots going for me physically, even if the scale isn't my friend.  Since I started running, I've improved my cardiovascular health, which is no small feat seeing how I have exercise-induced asthma (which I've finally stopped using as a crutch - woot!).  I've gone to various doctors and, though I haven't always heard the answers I want, I've confirmed that I don't have diabetes, I don't have out-of-whack hormones, my thyroid is normal, my blood sugar is normal - I'm in pretty good shape on the inside.  I'm also getting stronger and have the (faintest of faint) muscle definition to show for it.  So I'm getting there. 

Just like at school, I know where I'm excelling, where I'm getting better and where I need to improve (though in school, I never had to improve anything - I was such a keener!).  The important part is that I consider myself to be passing in all categories and I'm going to keep moving forward - though I'm starting to sound a little like Oprah with all this "moving forward" blathering. 

But seriously, the year is half over already?  Holy crap. 

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