Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeing results

Slowly but surely, I'm logging more distance with my runs.  I'm still doing walk/run intervals, but I'm measuring distance more now and I'm getting there! 

Last Thursday, I ran a total of 3km in two 1.5km intervals, with walking intervals before, after and in between, and logged a total distance of 5km.  Today I aimed to run 3km again...and ended up doing 3.5km.  The best part?  I didn't feel exhausted when I was done!  Not only am I not as tired now, I've noticed other awesome changes to my body since upping the running ante: my legs feel tighter, not in a tight muscle way but in a toned-and-fit way; my torso looks slimmer, which I'm attributing to the extra cardio; and my breathing seems to be much better (though I am on inhalers to help manage this).

It is actually beginning to feel like I could run a 5-k.  I should probably sign up for one, but I'm still a little scared and I want to be able to run at least 3km before I seriously consider doing a 5-k.  But today I was able to run 2km straight through, so that's a start. 

Working out at work is also helping me immensely.  I find myself craving my workouts, which is great.  I've been averaging 4-5 workouts for the past three weeks and I'm fortunate that keeping this up shouldn't be that hard.  I'm also getting some obvious definition in my arms from weightlifting so that's got me excited too. 

THIS is definitely what I needed: to be seeing results from my efforts as this will provide the encouragement I need to keep going.  And maybe when I get back on the scale next Monday, that number won't be so bad.

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