Friday, July 15, 2011

Mid-month update

Today is July 15 which, for all intents and purposes, is the middle of the month and the middle of my scale break. 

I've been doing really well with my gym-going; I went five times last week and four times so far this week (I can't make it today - too busy at work - but hope to fit in a workout tomorrow).  And all that work is not for naught; I'm noticing some improvements: my torso is less rounded; my back doesn't hurt all the time; my arms are definitely getting definition; my thighs don't rub together quite as much; and my cardiovascular fitness is improving - I can run 2km and not be exhausted!  In fact, I can do my full run/walk intervals and not feel exhausted.  I've even started increasing my speed at the end, for an added boost and, come August, I want to start increasing my distance.

In other words: progress is being made.  And it's exciting.  I feel good about myself.  That's right, I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF! 

Holy shit, took long enough. 

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