Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two days good, five days bad

Here we are, on another Sunday night.  I don't care how trite or cliche it might sound, but I'm still amazed at how fast the weekend goes and I would really like another day off.

But it was a good and busy weekend that included a birthday shindig for which the beau and I made a strawberries'n'cream cheesecake, complete with Batman symbol; the beau and I learned that our kitty loves tuna water, which means we can dissolve her kitty antibiotics in it, rather than shove horse pills down her throat twice a day; a lazy Sunday spent (re)watching season one of Fringe - this time on blu-ray and it's awesome and everyone should watch Fringe - and eating way too much Chinese food; and singing ridiculous made-up songs about the kitty (and suggesting I get my own variety show because the songs are so great).

And that's it, really.  Now for another work week!

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