Friday, April 2, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Right after I decided on this blog-everyday thing, I realized that this is a long weekend and a holiday weekend, so I'll be out of the city for a couple of days.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a post at Mom's on Saturday.

But anyways, it's that hoppity hop holiday, full of ham and chocolate and lilies and family and such.  It's also the first joint holiday since the beau and I shacked up.  Sure, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas last year but that was different; we were still living solo...and I guess that makes it different somehow.  I will say one thing for it: since the beau has a car, NO MORE BUS.  I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is to not have to take that damnable Ontario Northland milk run from downtown Toronto to Yorkdale to Barrie to Port Severn to Coldwater to Mactier to Parry Sound. 

I shudder just thinking about it. 

We're off in the morning, first to Parry Sound for the night to see my family and then to Midland for the night to see the beau's family.  The weather is going to be beautiful, there will be lots of food and even some babies (BABIES!) and some good ol' family time.  Should be all right.

Happy Easter!

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