Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My sport's better than your sport

My beau is at the Blue Jays game tonight, which is kind of hilarious, not just because he doesn't like baseball but because it's a 2-0 game in the bottom of the ninth so it was likely more boring than baseball games generally are.  And while I'm quite glad that I'm not there, it does seem ironic (I think it's ironic) that he's at the game with a ticket on his company's tab while the company I work for owns the Blue Jays and I've never gotten free tickets.

Like I said, though, I'm glad I'm not there because I got to spend the night in front of game 7 between Montreal and Washington, which was a very exciting and tense Montreal victory.  Really, I'd be quite happy if the NHL just did away with the regular season and ran the playoffs four times a year.  It's such better hockey. 

On to round two!

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