Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suddenly it's Sunday night

Oops.  Missed a post yesterday; I just didn't have a chance to jump on the computer at Mom's and I don't like to travel with my laptop (or more technology than my iPod, really) because I generally travel to get away from all that stuff. is now Sunday night and Easter weekend is over but, more sadly, my week-long vacation is over.  I'd like to say that a week off is just enough to refresh me and that I'm ready to go back to work, but that would be a lie.  Not only would I be content to have another week off, I would be just fine with retiring.  Now.  Too bad my RRSPs would allow for about a month of retirement living before the funds would run out.  So back to work I will go.

I'm also pretty wiped tonight, despite the fact that I didn't do much today except eat.  I guess my body is just so busy digesting all the amazing food I ate this weekend that it doesn't have energy for much else. 

On the plus side, this beautiful weather is going to continue through the week.  Too early for spring skirts?  I think not!  Ooh, and sandals - I love my sandals!  Even in tomorrow's rain.  That's enough to lift my spirits, even just a little.

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