Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Place your bets

I love hockey but holy crap, am I ever terrible at hockey pools. 

Every hockey pool I have ever entered I have lost and lost hugely.  It's not like I came in second in a winner-takes-all pool; oh no, I am consistently at the bottom.  Right now, I am 33rd out of 38 in my playoff pool. 

Despite my abysmal record, I look forward to each new hockey season and especially the playoffs because, who knows, maybe THIS will be my year.  I mean, someone has to win so why not me, right?  Well, not me because I always make the worst picks.  Honestly, did anyone expect New Jersey to lose in the first round, in five games no less?  And who would have thought San Jose would finally advance beyond the first round?  It's almost unheard of. 

I've won football pools in the past, which is awesome because I know nothing about football.  One of these days I will win a hockey pool.  One of these days...

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