Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Word of the day:  Hal-low-een (noun) The evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; Allhallows Eve: observed esp. by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks.

Isn't Halloween just so much fun?  I always enjoy it that much more when I have a costume that I really love and think is great.  This year I went as the Paper Bag Princess:

Aren't I adorable?

I also had the opportunity to hand out candy while in full costume glory and I was pleasantly surprised to find that children of the next generation knew who I was.  Of course, I think all children should know the awesomeness that is Robert Munsch; in fact, it should be required that all children, upon exiting the womb, be gifted with The Paper Bag Princess and Love You Forever.  When I become Supreme Paper Bag Princess of the World, this will be the first law I pass. 

And isn't my dragon just the best?  Many thanks to the beau for his excellent crafting skills in transforming a dollar-store alligator puppet into a ferocious, castle-eating, snooty-prince-snatching fireball of power.  Grrr.

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