Thursday, November 12, 2009


Word of the day: yolk (noun)  The yellow and principal substance of an egg, as distinguished from the white.

I've been really into eggs lately.  Many dinners over the past two weeks have consisted of veggie omelets and weekend breakfasts, of course, have also involved eggs.  And again tonight I am having eggs for dinner but since I'm not feeling all that well - due in part to fighting off yet another cold and in part to still hurting from having dropped a board game on my face** - I'm cheating and having a fried egg sandwich.

Mmmm...fried egg sandwich...

I really do love eggs.  And last night at the gym, I overheard a trainer telling her trainee why it's better to eat the entire egg and not just egg whites.  (Why bother with trainer sessions when I can just eavesdrop on conversations and covertly stare during the exercise part?  At least that's the excuse I give myself.)  But the trainer said that there are all kinds of good bits in the yolk, like vitamins and stuff, that you don't get from the white.  And while protein is split 50/50 between the yolk and the white, there are things in the yolk that help you better absorb all the good things in the entire egg.  (To be more specific, the yolk contains most of the calcium, iron, zinc, B6 and B12 that is found in an egg and all of the carotenoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, and K.)  This made me feel a bit better about my egg consumption because I've always thought the yolk was the best part.  Especially when it's a bit runny and I've got a slice of flax bread to dredge through it. 

Mmmm....runny yolk...

Eggs make me happy.

**I suppose you're wondering how I managed to drop a board game on my face.  Let me tell you...last night I was tidying up and reorganizing some stuff, which included putting board games away on a shelf in my closet.  I had a stack of three of them and as I was putting them on the shelf, Trivial Pursuit began to slide off towards me.  I tried to brace the game with my forehead but I missed and the edge of the box caught me across the bridge of my nose.  It hurt like a motherfucker and broke skin and I now have a lovely little red gash across the top of my nose.  It also made my head hurt and chewing hurt for a bit this morning.  But I'm pretty much better, except for said red gash.  I'm wearing glasses, which helps hide it, but if I push my glasses too far up my nose (read: where they are most comfortable) it hurts.  Stupid Trivial Pursuit.

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