Monday, November 9, 2009

Love thyself

Word of the day: na-ked (adjective)  Being without clothing or covering; nude.

I'm at home sick today so I'm making the most of it by seeing what daytime television has to offer.  One show I've seen on the TV Guide channel but never watched is How To Look Good Naked, on the W Network.  I've avoided this show based on the title, mainly because I didn't want to watch another show that has women nipped, tucked, primped, primed and otherwise altered into a manufactured kind of beautiful.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that How To Look Good Naked doesn't actually involve any kind of surgery or extreme dieting or weeks of bullying exercising; instead, it's just about making women feel good about themselves just the way they are.  (Yes, eating properly and exercising are good habits to have, but sometimes it's okay to feel good about yourself the way you are.  Really.)

I feel I must note, though, that the show is British; I find that any shows coming from across the pond tend to feature more ordinary folk and are more accepting of the "imperfections" that are frowned upon here in North America.  (Just Google Image Coronation Street and you'll see what I mean.)

So it doesn't surprise me that the Brits have made a show that makes women feel good about themselves without sucking all the fat out of their midriffs.  And - AND! - most amazingly of all, the show never once calls women plus-sized or emphasizes that they wear a size 12 or 14 or numerically measures anything. 

It's a little mind-boggling actually, but in a good way. 

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