Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why won't we let nature take its course?

Word of the day: co-nun-drum (noun) Anything that puzzles.

Why is it that we’re all so gung-ho to put natural food in our bodies in an effort to be healthy, but we’re so quick to put anything and everything on and in our bodies to maintain an unnatural appearance?

We want our fruit pesticide-free but have no problem injecting Botox into our foreheads to get rid of those pesky (natural) wrinkles.

We want our water to be filtered because tap water is SO EVIL (even though it’s not), but we’re content to use tap water to rinse the dye from our hair because we MUST hide those hideous (yet natural) grey hairs.

We want our meat free of growth hormones yet we latch on to the latest celebrity-endorsed diet to force our bodies to conform to some (unnatural) societal standard of beauty.

Imagine how much better life would be if we could embrace natural on the outside with the same fervour we embrace natural on the inside. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some mascara or moisturizing your dry elbows but life doesn’t end because you get crow’s feet around your eyes.

(Yes, I will admit to dyeing my hair. I could be covering grey hairs, but I don’t really know because I colour it so often. But I also drink tap water so I figure it all balances out.)

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