Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally, a use for my hockey knowledge

Word of the day: re-source (noun) A source of supply, support, or aid, esp. one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.

I received a pretty terrific phone call today.

A former classmate/colleague of mine rang me this morning to ask be about Steve Yzerman. That’s right. My love and (what I think is pretty decent) knowledge of hockey has earned me enough of a reputation to be a resource for a quick question or two.

I think that’s pretty awesome.

The question in this case was about Yzerman’s personal history, namely if he had any sordid affairs or wonky illicit behaviour in his past. And I was confident enough in my knowledge to answer that he’s quite an upstanding guy who I’m sure is respected by everyone. I mean really, who DOESN’T love Steve Yzerman? Even if you hate Detroit, even if you hate hockey, even if (like me) you don’t agree with professional NHL players participating in the Olympics (which is for amateur athletes) even though Yzerman is an executive for Team Canada, you have to like this man.

It’s just required.

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