Thursday, August 27, 2009

In my opinion...

Word of the day: o-pin-ion (noun) a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

As I’ve mentioned before, I read the majority of the news online, with The Globe and Mail serving as my main source of news. I’ll venture to The Toronto Star only for Toronto-based news and, if I’m really bored, to read the sports section and get angry at Damien Cox.

The one thing I dislike most about my online news sources is the reader comments. I try to stay away from them but inevitably I get sucked in to this downward spiral of idiocy, from which I emerge angry and appalled at the widespread stupidity of society.

(Okay, that may be a bit of a sweeping generalization but I’m sticking by it.)

I should clarify that I am all for people having opinions – even if they differ from my own – and I encourage the sharing of opinions in a respectful level-headed manner. But if that “opinion” is really only an insult towards the new source/author of the article/subjects in the article/other people commenting, I really kind of hate the person espousing said “opinion”. And since most reader comments tend to devolve into insults and trash talk, I tend to get more than a little irritated.

(Yes, it’s my own fault because I keep reading the comments, but I’m really trying to wean myself off this horrible, horrible habit.)

That’s not to say that everyone has to be all happy and cheerful and agreeable towards all online news articles. If you don’t like something, then say so. But if the best you can do is “lyn crosby sux” then you’re an idiot and I want to punch you in the face. Not just because it should read “
Lynn Crosbie sucks” but because I want to know why. Explain your position, dammit! I sometimes like to imagine all the wonderful, thought-provoking conversations that could spring up in these reader comment sections if people could just learn the fine art of proper spelling, grammar and elucidation.

However, I think I’m stuck with my generally dumb society. Sigh.

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