Monday, August 24, 2009

The simple things

Word of the day: calm (adjective) Freedom from agitation, excitement, or passion; tranquility; serenity.

(Okay, I just have to note that I copied and pasted this definition from and the word "tranquility" was spelled incorrectly. In the definition. From

I'm not going to lie, this bed bug issue has caused me a fair amount of mental and emotional upheaval. I've been stressed, frustrated, angry, defeated, weepy, whiny and especially tired for most of the past week. I have had amazing support from those close to me but there's just something about mini vampires displacing you not only from your home but from where you sleep that weighs on a person.

Tonight, while walking home and mentally preparing myself for another round of Bed Bug Death Match 3000, I passed the school on my street and noticed a little girl playing in the sand. She had perfect curly blonde hair and was wearing a pink t-shirt over jeans and she couldn't have been more than four. And she was just sitting there, sprinkling handfuls of sand over her bare feet and she just looked so...happy. So perfectly content. So at peace, just sitting there, feeling the sand cascade over her feet.

I really can't make this story into any kind of allegory for my life right now. But it just made me calmer.

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