Saturday, February 16, 2013

WW Weigh-In #58

In keeping with the weighing-in-on-time-but-posting-late theme, here we go:

Last week: 194.0 lb
This week: 195.2 lb
Total gained: 1.2 lb

Interestingly enough, I gained back exactly what I had lost the week before. That was partly because of the awesome sibling weekend we had with the Beau's siblings and their spouses. Oh, and bowling is not a physical enough activity to work off an amazing dinner at an Italian restaurant, complete with red wine, and followed by dessert at home that included cookies, orange loaf and chocolate brownies with mint icing. (Seriously, why did it take me this long to think of putting mint icing on brownies? Must try peanut butter next.)

I have been doing my best to be active this week too. Wednesday was another big walking day: I spent my day off walking down Runnymede to Bloor (a half hour walk) and then wandered around the bookstore for another hour. Yesterday was a bit harder as we went to see The Tragically Hip; the only activity was some awkward, confined-space dancing but I did do it for almost two hours. Today was more walking and some stretching and exercise band resistance work while watching a movie.

Tomorrow we're off to baby-sit the nephews overnight so some frolicking in the snow will be in order, then we'll see what Sunday brings. Plus it's Family Day weekend so I'm off Monday AND we don't have an issue going out next week so I took Tuesday off too. That means I can get some activity in on those days too!

I'm also going to make a concerted effort to really track my points. I was doing my best when I was banking all my activity points. When I did that, even when I used up all my flex points (and sometimes went into my activity points) I was consistently losing on weeks when I had activity points in the bank. And on those days when it feels like I haven't had nearly enough food to have used up so many points it's nice to see accumulating points mean something good.

There are also some changes coming at work, which I should know more about next week. And these should be good changes too so I'm excited about what's going to be happening and how that will have a positive impact on me.

I also turn 33 next week. Weird.

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