Monday, February 25, 2013

After the Oscars

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I sure did! The Beau even watched the first 2 1/2 hours with me and we had lots of fun making fun of things.

I also entered an Oscar pool and - drum roll please - I WON! I went 21/24 and I'm pretty proud of that, considering I had only seen one nominated film this year. (It was The Avengers and it lost its category.)

 See, I won!

I mostly watch the show for the clothes and I found the red carpet to be hella boring last night. Lots of sparkly column dresses and long, flowy hair. Honestly, it looked like most of the women came straight from the beach and wrapped themselves in sequined towels.

I've also realized that many media outlets have terrible taste, as my picks for best dressed made their worst dressed lists. Silly media outlets.

My faves for the night were Naomi Watts, Olivia Munn, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Garner and Deborah Lee Furness (aka Mrs Wolverine - she wore a pant suit! Love!).

 Naomi Watts; photo found here.

Olivia Munn; photo found here.

Amanda Seyfried: photo found here.

Jennifer Garner; photo found here.

Deborah Lee Furness; photo found here.

But even with my pool win and impeccable taste in fashion, I'm proudest of this: I snacked on veggies all night!

At one point, while whining for chocolate, the Beau said he knew where there was chocolate in the house. I told him I didn't want to know about that and that I was counting on my laziness to keep me from going to the corner gas station and loading up on crappy food. And laziness for the win, ladies and gentlemen! I did have a hot chocolate to help quell my craving - and it worked! - and for the rest of the night I chowed down on baby carrots.

(I did have one square of Lindor almond chocolate at the end of the night, but it was only one square, which is really just fine.)

Overall, I did much better last night than Seth McFarlane who, while not terrible, was at best okay. Though he's an amazing singer. AMAZING. If he had sung the entire show it would have been that much better.

(And Catwoman and Mystique totally won Oscars too, which is awesome!)

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