Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My new fitness plan

How many times have I blogged about my latest and greatest plans for fitness and building an active lifestyle? I'd look up those posts, but frankly I'm embarrassed. I've had so many wonderful ideas that have only ever been that: I was going to get up early and exercise before work (nope - I like sleep); I was going to run regularly (this did happen - then allergies and inability to breathe kicked in); I was going to go to the gym five days a week (also happened - but I'm tired of my work gym).

So now what?

The current plan is to be active, at least five days a week. Just some kind of active. Get on the bike we have at home, go for a walk, go for a run, take a class - just be active. I'm going to try to fit something into Mondays and Tuesdays but because I work late on those days, I'm going to cut myself some slack if it doesn't happen. But if the weather is nice I'm going to at least try to get outside for a walk.

I'm also looking into classes at various gyms near my house. So far I've found zumba, spin and yoga that are offered at times I can make in locations that are close. I'm also going to get a new, nicer gym bag (so far I've been using an old one of the Beau's) and I'm going to reevaluate my workout wardrobe. If I have the pieces I need and something good to carry them in, I can make these workouts happen.

But I'm going to go easy on myself for now: just be active. I love the idea of long, hard, sweaty workouts every day but I need to face up to reality and admit to what I'll actually do. And I want to fit other things into my life, like knitting and wedding planning and seeing my fiance.

No matter what, though, I am totally capable of just being active.

So very simple.

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