Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding update!

There are only 310 days until our wedding! How do I know that? The Beau and I have set a date! And found a ceremony site! And a reception venue! And picked our bridal party! And I bought my dress!

We're a bit excited about the whole thing so we've gone ahead and planned all kinds of stuff.

The Beau and I will be wed on Saturday November 9, 2013. Our ceremony will be at the Church of the Good Shepherd, where we will also be able to take pictures. This is a huge boon as it can be difficult to plan pictures in November. Our wedding is the week after daylight savings and our ceremony is at 4pm, making it almost impossible to get good outdoor shots (provided the weather worked in our favour, of course). But the church is a beautiful Gothic-style stone building and should provide ample photo ops.

After the ceremony, guests will head to the Concordia Club for cocktails and hors d'oeuvre while photos are done, then a family-style dinner of hearty German fare. And of course the day will wrap up with a few hours of lively dancing and fun times with friends and family.

With all the big things picked and confirmed, we now get to focus on the fun stuff like centrepieces, bouquets and wedding favours. Oh, and we have invitation samples and have picked our favourite so now it's just a matter of finalizing the guest list so we know how many invitations to get.

We've only been engaged two months but I feel like we're making decent headway. Some people are amazed at how much we've done, but isn't wedding planning supposed to be fun and easy like this?

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