Friday, January 18, 2013


I love to knit and most of what I knit (okay, ALL of what I knit) is for someone else...which is just fine because I love seeing people's reactions when they open a gift and realize it's something I made for them.

Even with the wedding coming up I wanted to have a knitting project on the go and it just so happens I have several friends/family members who are either expecting or plan to be expecting in the near future. What does this mean? BABY BLANKETS of course!

And, really, blankets are quite easy (or can be, if you source the right pattern). Here's one I've started already:

Because I don't know the gender of any of the unborn babes, I'm either using gender neutral solids or this awesome pastel variegated yarn. And even though this looks all fancy-shmancy, it's a simple 4-row pattern that is repeated to the desired length, with the lacy looks being made by yarn-overs. I found this pattern on the big ball of yarn so it was a two-for-one kind of thing. And the best part of going with the pattern on the yarn ball label is that I know right away that I have the proper yarn and how much I need to get. 

This is blanket #1 and I'll be sure to post a picture of it when I'm finished. Blankets #2 and #3 will follow. This one here is for the friend who is currently with child; she's not due until April so I've got a bit of time yet. (Should I be invited to a baby shower, I figure I've got until March, which works too.) The other two blankets I have a bit more time for but I'll make sure they are good and ready for when my other baby mamas are ready!

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