Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The conundrum over the other dress(es)

I think I've mentioned before that I'm not the most patient person. This is even more obvious now that I'm planning a wedding.

The Beau and I are thisclose (THISCLOSE!) to confirming our venues (ceremony and reception will be in two different places, despite our best efforts) but we just need confirmation from our reception venue. And, seriously, I'm all like, "WHAT ON EARTH is taking so long?!? Don't they know we're getting married in 11 months?!?" I mean, come on.

So to distract myself I've taken to obsessing over bridesmaids dresses. And my ability to obsess is inversely proportional to my ability to be patient. (I think I phrased that properly; what I meant is that I'm super good at obsessing and super bad at patience, but I was trying to find a fancier way of saying that.)

But back to dresses. We've picked colours (hurrah!) and I thought I had dresses picked out, but then the Beau commented on another one that he liked and it just so happens I also like it so now we're all about that dress. The one we both like is long and the ones I had picked out before were short and had different options for the top. The Beau likes those as well but now it's just so hard to make a decision.

I know I have to take my 'maids out shopping and have them try on the dresses and see what works best. And they have all said they'll wear anything, which is simply wonderful and amazing. We're looking at a November wedding date so long seems appropriate...but there are more top styles available for the short dresses. And they're in different fabrics: the short ones are stretch satin, which gives a more formal look, while the long one is in chiffon, which gives a softer, less formal look. I can also easily picture all my bridesmaids in all the available styles so that doesn't make it any easier.

But then I feel like a horrible person if I tell them that they have to wear the dress I pick out for them and that's it. I guess if I can just be patient with this as well (dammit!) and wait for the day when I can get them all together to go shopping, all my troubles will be solved.

Stupid patience.

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