Thursday, December 6, 2012

A big step forward with the wedding

Actually I've made two big steps forward with the wedding planning: I have confirmed my bridal party and I've bought my dress!

When it came to choosing my bridal party, my maid of honour was a no-brainer: my BFF who I've known for almost 10 years (!!!), who I've worked with and lived with and consumed far too much wine in one sitting with. And I didn't so much ask her as tell her, "You know you're my maid of honour, right?"

I was then fortunate enough to have four other wonderful women agree to be beside me on my wedding day and I couldn't be happier. Both of my future sisters-in-law will be there as well as two very close friends I had the good fortune to meet through the Beau, who also happen to be fantastic women.

The Beau has started getting his groomsmen in line too, which is very exciting. I consider us a very lucky couple to have such fabulous and amazing people in our lives to not just have at our wedding but have with us at the altar. It just makes it that much more special, you know?

Oh right, and I have my dress! I was going to go to a wedding show in January and try to find a good deal on one in a cavernous room full of dresses - which, I'll admit, was a daunting thought. But David's Bridal was having a year-end sale so I thought I'd check it out, see if I could find one.

And I did!

Alas, not only was it not on sale it was a bit above my budget but it is The Dress and there was really no way I could walk away from it. It is everything I thought I'd pick out (lacy, ivory, figure-flattering without being skin-tight) and everything I didn't think I'd want (strapless, with a bit of tulle). But I love it. LOVE IT. I love it so much. And my maid of honour was there with me and she made me feel like a princess, so clearly it was the right choice.

It feels great to have these items crossed off my to-do list but I realized I face another challenge: finding a dress for these five wonderful women. It's not until you're actually doing it that you realize shopping for five women is rather strange and no small challenge. Though I've got a good idea of what I want and a few colours picked out, so I'm confident it will come together nicely.

Now to just find a day when all six of us are available...that may prove the biggest challenge yet!

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