Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This wedding is really going to happen

The Beau and I have been officially engaged for 17 days now but this wedding only started to feel real yesterday when I started emailing venues.

Because we can't move forward with much, really, without a venue.

We've looked at invitations; we have an idea of decorations and flowers; we've talked about what he'll wear and colours for the bridal party; and we've got quite the guest list. But nothing can be firmed up without a venue. And we've got a few leads there.

We knew long ago we would not be getting married in Toronto; our huge guest list combined with our preference for a Saturday wedding and desire for an open bar made the Big Smoke too expensive right away. Fortunately we both have family in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, so we're looking there, as well as in Cambridge.

Today I started getting information back so it really does feel official now! And with the majority of our guests coming from out of town, it's beginning to look like we'll be getting married at a hotel of some sort. It would have been awesome to find a place with Old World charm, something a bit rustic and full of character, but with 180 people on the list, most of those places were suddenly off the list.

With any luck we'll have a place confirmed soon. We're thinking of November next year so we'll have to pick a place soon! And I'll tell you all about it, when it happens.

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