Monday, November 5, 2012

A great big update!

Wow, so much has happened over the past 10 days! From October 26 to November 4, there have been times of extreme joy and extreme sadness; moments of frustration and moments of success; time with friends and time with family; and we even managed to move into our house.

Here's what went on:

Friday - we got the keys to the house! Such a simple act but so exciting and wonderful and full of promise. Our first home!
Dinner: Chinese food
The key to our home!

Saturday - we got into the house around 11 am. It was of course empty and the echoing caught me by surprise. All that empty space would soon be filled with our furniture, but not before we painted all kinds of awesome colours throughout. Before we could get too far with that though, the Beau proposed! Through my tears I nodded yes and he put the most beautiful ring on my finger. What an amazing day!
Dinner: Indian food
My beautiful ring!

Sunday - we had friends over and we painted and painted and painted. With their help we were able to finish the main floor and most of the basement as well as get one coat on the master bedroom. We are truly blessed with the number of people willing to offer up their weekend days to help us paint.
Dinner: pizza
The rainbow of colours now throughout our home

Monday - tragic news this day as I found out my dear cousin Becky had been hit by a car the night before and died of her injuries Monday morning. She was only 31. It was an awful day.
Dinner: frozen shepherd's pie

Tuesday - moving day! The movers arrived at 8:40 am and were done by 12:55 pm. So fast, so efficient, and we didn't do a thing. Though we discovered our queen box spring wouldn't fit up the stairs. We left that alone for the day as we needed to finish painting, though we did find a way to get it up the stairs.
Dinner: fried chicken

Wednesday - perhaps the day I was most excited for, as our couches were due to be delivered. They arrived right on time...and wouldn't fit through the front door. I was really annoyed (not at the delivery guys, just in general) but we stored the couches in our garage and plotted how we'd get them inside. We also made a trip to IKEA and bought a bed frame (among other things)...and the bed frame wouldn't fit in the car. So we tied it to the roof, using twine and cardboard roof racks and drove it home - in the rain. And we made it! Crazy. We also got the box spring upstairs by cutting the slats and folding it in half. Seriously.
Dinner: burritos
All tied down and ready to roll

The Beau working his box spring magic
Thursday - I spent the entire day in pajamas and didn't leave the house once. It was glorious. The Beau and I worked all day, emptying boxes, setting up other furniture, hanging curtains, cleaning and tidying. And slowly we could start seeing the progress being made.
Dinner: Thai food

Friday - Becky's funeral. It was the saddest day of my life. She was so vibrant and full of life, saying good-bye seemed surreal. I kept expecting to hear her voice, to ask us what we were doing because she was right there. The strength that my aunt, uncle and cousin showed that day was truly inspiring. She will be loved, and missed, always.
Dinner: Chinese food
Becky and I

Saturday - family dinner night! We had the Beau's parents, sister and brother-in-law, and brother and twin children over, along with my mom and brother. Full house for sure! Fortunately, earlier that day, we were able to remove the sliding doors at the back of the house to move in the couches. And we quickly filled those couches, and other furniture, with family and had a wonderful home-cooked meal of roast beef, potatoes, cauliflower, salad and beets. To celebrate the engagement we had sparkling wine and to celebrate the Beau's birthday we had vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing and crushed Oreos.
Dinner: amazing!
Making way for the couches

Sunday - the Beau's birthday! I made him brunch and we had a very relaxing day, puttering a bit around the house, watching movies, reading, and just taking it easy. It was so lovely to have a day to ourselves, to enjoy our home and be as lazy as we wanted!
Dinner: leftovers from all that take-out

So it was a crazy week, filled with so much. I didn't weigh in on Wednesday, mostly because I knew the result would be bad (so much take-out!) but also because we didn't have internet set up yet so I figured I'd just let it go for the week and get back on track this week.

One thing I did notice was how much work we did and how much we were moving, up and down stairs, throughout the house, walking through stores. The only time I sat down was if a job required me to sit down. But because we didn't have a kitchen set up for awhile and didn't get groceries for awhile, we at terribly. It's ironic, isn't it? Moving is a time when you're so busy and working so much that your body would benefit most from healthy meals but with so much going on, ordering in was just easier and faster.

But now that we're in the new place and well on our way to getting settled, we're also ready to get back to healthy eating and fitter lifestyles. One bonus is that after eating so much take-out, we definitely want home cooked meals for the next while!

I'll let you know how it goes on Wednesday and I'll post more pictures of the house, as we finish the rooms.

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