Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WW Weigh-In #40

So the scale went up a little this week:

Last week: 187.8 lb
This week: 188.4 lb
Total gained this week: 0.6 lb

Weight loss target: 181.8 lb
To reach target: 6.6

On the one hand, that's not too bad considering we just had Thanksgiving weekend and I had three (THREE!) huge dinners as well as ample breakfasts, sweets and wine. Going up just over half a pound is not too bad.

On the other hand, though, I'm still not getting to where I need to be. And that is completely my fault and my laziness and I make excuses every week for that and then don't seem to be able to do enough about it.

But I mentioned last week I had a new exercise plan in mind so I figured I'll share it now. I've done it a couple of times and I definitely feel it so now that I've got a straight stretch between now and Christmas, it's the perfect time to get back on a regular workout schedule.

My plan:
Daily: 30-40 minutes of walking, either outside or on a treadmill.
Every other day: three sets of 5 pushups; 10 squats; 20 bicycle sit-ups; and 10 lunges.

I've also been noticing that my breathing is getting better so I'm hoping to start running again and to replace two weekly walks with two weekly runs. But definitely the walking.  Even though I like how my body responds to running, walking is something I can do anywhere, at any time, with nothing more than comfy shoes and proper outdoor gear (if needed). And I keep reading weight loss success stories where walking played a huge part. I guess I dismissed it because it's not as "glamourous" as running, but it's still so good for me and when I ramp it up to 4 mph on the treadmill (and make sure I do that when outside) I feel like it's a good place to pick up exercising again,

And it's a lot harder to make excuses not to do it. After all, I have been walking since I was around a year old.

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