Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Countdown to the new house!

I had a lovely countdown written on our calendar at home. Then we had to stage our condo and our fantastic Terry Pratchett calendar was, well, not exactly neutral. So the countdown disappeared and though I've been thinking A LOT about the new house I haven't had the number of days until closing fresh in my mind.


I don't know why I didn't do this before: I now have a countdown written in my desk calendar at work. (Yes, I still have a hard copy calendar on my desk. I don't care how digital the world gets, nothing will replace the usefulness and necessity that is my desk calendar.) As of today, it's only 24 more sleeps until we get the house.


A mere two dozen days until the Beau and I, and the kitty, take possession of our wonderful family home. And we're quite an adorable little family, I must say. It is the perfect home for us and the Beau and I have even started furniture shopping; we bought matching sofas on Sunday! We've also picked out paint colours (though only online; closer to closing we'll go into a store and look at paint chips to get a better idea) and wrangled some friends into helping us paint. Between the two of us, we have pretty much all the other furniture we're going to need. There will be pieces we'll need to replace/update and we need to get a bed frame for my queen-sized bed, but that's about it.


Sure, we have to sell the condo, but I try not to dwell on that for too long. I'd much rather focus on getting the house because that will mean we get our kitty back as well. Tansi has been such a good girl while being cat-sat but we miss her and she misses us and in 24 days (sooner if we sell the condo) we'll all be back together again.

I am ready to come home.

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