Thursday, August 16, 2012

Zombie training update

I haven't been for a run since August 4. For those counting, that's 12 days. Urgh.

When I did run on August 4, I ran outside for the first time...ever. Not the first time since starting the Couch to 5K plan but the first time ever in my life. Seriously. Why, I'm sure you're asking, have I not run outside before? The answer is threefold:

1 - As a beginner runner using a treadmill has helped me keep my pace. It's way too easy for me to start out faster than I should and tire much faster than I like.

2 - I've only recently started running continuously. Previously I've been doing run/walk intervals and, again, the treadmill has been undeniably helpful in this as it helps me monitor time and speed without really thinking about it.

3 - I've been terrified of how I'll look when running outside. Yeah.

But I now have just over 5 weeks to get in running shape because I'd like to be able to both finish the race and "survive" the race. (To survive, I have to complete the course with at least one of my three flags intact.)

The new plan of attack? Runs, three times a week, for at least 20 minutes. Of those three runs, at least one will be outside. That's still on track with my Couch to 5K plan, though in that plan I'd be up to 30 minutes of running in about another week. Of my three runs, I'd like to hit 20 min, 22 min and 25 min each week. Because the zombie run also involves obstacles, there will be (brief) moments to catch my breath so I feel confident that this is a good plan. 

I want to start this plan solidly on Sunday but I hope to squeeze in a run tomorrow too. And on days I don't run I need to do workouts that keep my cardiovascular strength up. It's my breathing that will kill me on zombie day if I don't work at it. And I don't want to die!

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