Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our new house!

All pictures are taken from the listing; none of the furniture is ours nor is this necessarily how we'll have the place set up. Still, it's pretty great!
Outside our new home!
Front steps

Detached garage - room for one car but the driveway has room for at least four more
Outside back deck
Back yard - currently a garden and we're not sure how much of it we'll keep
Front entrance
Living room - the windows look out front
"Family room" - but we'll likely use this space as part of the dining room

Kitchen with view of family room
Family room/kitchen/dining room
Dining room - sliding doors go out to the back yard
Upstairs hallway

Master bedroom - with closet!
Bedroom #2 - no closet in this room but plenty of space for a dresser and free-standing wardrobe

Bedroom #3 - with closet!
Upstairs bathroom

Basement living area - currently set up as basement apartment

Basement kitchen 

There is also a 3-piece bathroom on the main floor and a 5-piece bathroom in the basement (that's right, we have a bidet - though it's broken). Though the basement bathroom will need a gut. In fact the entire basement needs some work but it's all cosmetic. A good scrub, some paint and some better light fixtures and all will be well. There's also a bedroom in the basement (it can be seen just beyond the table two pictures up) which we could use for a variety of things - office; 4th bedroom; library; exercise space; the cat's bedroom. So many possibilities!

And that's the best part about this house. We have so much room and so many options for how to set up our beautiful new place that it will be a long time before we're tired of it. And we can finally host family and friends! This is such a momentous occasion for us and we couldn't be happier!


Anonymous said...

You did good Jen! Love it. Congrats new home owner. Fen

Anonymous said...

I love your big windows! It really lets in a lot of sunlight. One thing to remember about maintaining good windows is to keep an eye on the weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is found between the movable parts and openings. Cleaning this often keeps it intact and protects your home from leaks and other weather elements that might creep through the small spaces of the windows.

Ashlee Starns

Hayden Adler said...

That’s a great looking house! The front steps are amazing! Are those roof shingles by the way? One tip to maintain your roof shingles is to keep tabs on it every six months and to do repairs as often as possible, since the downside to shingles is that they easily loosen up and get blown away by hard winds.

Hayden Adler

Lida Swisher said...

I second Hayden. Shingles do easily loosen up, so it will be best to always keep them clean. Look for debris that get stuck on nooks and spaces, and try to carefully clean them out, since these materials can help cause loosening of the shingles from their places.

- Lida Swisher