Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sometimes I go on my own mini eating binges. It's not like I clean out the fridge, but sometimes I just need to eat a lot of hummus and tortilla chips or ice cream or fudge. And I'm usually a little ashamed afterward and I often don't log my points that day.

But I always go back.

My points log is between me and the internet so it's not like people are going to comment on my horrible habits. And I have the extra weekly points to use and I often bank quite a few activity points, so it's okay if I eat a bit more. But most importantly, I'm only cheating myself if I don't accurately track my food.

It's really tempting to think, "Oh, it was just a piece of fudge, it doesn't matter." Thing is, it does. Other thing is, it's okay. And that is what I need to remember.

As long as I honestly track my points I'll be successful. It's really that simple. So my little binge from last night that I haven't logged yet? I'm going to do that now.

(And I'm only blushing a little.)

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